He is very independent

Peter absolutely loves Primary, Library, and school. He is a block boy more so than drawing and the like. But he does like puzzles too. He likes to listen to stories and look at the pictures. He loves to play outdoors too. He was in the puppet show too. He will be taking swimming lessons along with Emilie over the Easter vacation. He will go for five days and have lessons for 1/2 an hour each day. He is very independent. He dresses himself and picks out his own clothes.

-Willison Family Newsletter March 1988


He loves to go to things

Peter absolutely loves the dynasaur you sent him for his birthday. He carries it around and talks to it. He loves to go to church…he is a very social child anyway. He loves to go to things. He loved the circus. He was infatuated with the tricks, animals,and the aerial acts. The food wasn’t bad either (we brought popcorn, peanuts, drinks, and candy bars with us). Peter is always a willing participant in any activity. Jeromy and Peter are always wrestling with each other. Peter loves his room and his bed, to think he has his own trunkle bed, really throws his mind…

– Willison Family Newsletter February 1988

Peter Absolutely Loves Puzzles

This past month there was some prune juice in the refrigerator. Peter asked me if he could have some “chrume juice”. I had to laugh. He can’t wait ’til library tomorrow. I have also inquired into a two-day a week play school that is offered for the children at an area high school were I had Kristy, Natalie, and Mark attend when they were this age. Peter absolutely loves puzzles. He also likes to color and listen to stories. Last night at the baptism there was a video that was played telling about the story of Joseph Smith. They really watched it intently.

-Willison Family Newsletter January 1988

A First For Peter

Peter was so excited about his Arts and Crafts class. At the party he neatly brought home his goodies. Christmas morning he was so neat about putting his gifts together. I don’t recall any of the children being so concerned about what they were getting that they weren’t interested in what others were receiving. Last night it was a first for Peter, he got to play checkers with Grandpa. On December 19th the Ward had it’s Christmas Party and Peter as well as everyone up to Jeromy had a part in the Christmas play. Peter was anxious to wear his costume. Last Sunday night Peter helped Ken with putting the sauce on the pizzas. That was a big thing to him.

–    Willison Family Newsletter December 1987

He is So Funny

Peter continues to be a miniature little man. He is a willing participant in any activity. He likes to hear stories but he likes to talk and ask questions at the same time. He is so funny. When everyone was running around wrapping all their gifts, he went and got some of his toys and was wrapping them. He loved Thanksgiving and all the excitement. When Mark was in his play Mark played an Indian. Peter had made an Indian vest at school too and he insisted on wearing it to Mark’s school.

-Willison Family Newsletter November 1987

He is very easy going


Peter continues to say and do some really funny expressions. He had a ball at the Fire Department Open House that we went to. Jeromy and he are best buddies. He is very easy going. He willingly follows whatever Emilie tells him to say or do. Friday night at the party Ken and I had he was running around helping me decorate and get things ready under the impression he was coming too.

-Willison Family Newsletter October 1987

He thought that was great!!!

Peter is a very fun-loving child. He is never at a loss of things to do. He likes to bring his pictures back from Primary. He continues to sleep during sacrament. He amazes us with the vocabulary and sentence content when he is carrying on a conversation. He loves to role play. He loves to wear different outfits. Yesterday at the fire house he got to try the siren. He thought that was great!!!

– Willison Family Newsletter September 1987


Peter is a great follower. Whatever the other children do he does. He loves a good time. He really enjoyed camping. When we went on the train ride, he went with Ken to the back of the train and looked at the tracks as the train was moving along. When we were playing baseball this past month at family home evening, Peter got right in there with everyone else. Jeromy calls Peter his “buddy” but Peter does have a mind of his own. After the train ride everyone was thirsty. Rather than pay $.65 for a small glass of pop on the train, we told everyone we would stop and have soda after. Being the conservative people we are, we stopped at a grocery store in the small town and bought 2 quarts of pop and a 1/2 gallon of ice cream. We went to a small park in the little town where the train was. We had paper cups in the car and Ken made everyone a soda. Some people were able to have two or three sodas. Peter thought that was great!

-Willison Family Newsletter August 1987

Bible School

Peter couldn’t wait to go to bible school. When he got there he changed his mind. The first day, he spent spent the full 3 hours out in the hall sitting by himself. The next day he and Emilie spent the full 3 hours out in the hall sitting. The third day, they realized that wasn’t any fun sitting in the hall and so they went into class and didn’t cry anymore. By the end of the two weeks they couldn’t wait to get there. The first day one of the teachers told me they had spent the time in the hall. She almost seemed to feel maybe they wouldn’t enjoy the rest of the two weeks. I explained to her that they had really been looking forward to coming. My experience with our own church nursery led me to believe that in a few days they would begin to enjoy it -and they did. It was hard leaving them crying but they had each other and by bringing them with me they would miss all the songs, crafts and games. The night of the parents program, Peter and Emilie were up in the front singing as loudly and as sure of themselves as the other boys and girls. Their teachers were two young boys from the church. They must have been about 14. They were excellent with the children. I had never seen such dedication on the part of young people as these young people. The little ones really responded to the young boys.

-Willison Family Newsletter July 1987

Happy Birthday Bro!

Peter is such a little man. He talks very well and is very independent. He helps me around the yard and this past month someone was throwing out a little tricycle, I picked it up and brought it home. He loves it. This past month, he and Emilie stayed at my brother’s house while I went to the zoo with Mark’s class. My sister-in-law said they didn’t say a word for the first hour but then started talking.

-Willison Family Newsletter June 1987