Peter is a great follower. Whatever the other children do he does. He loves a good time. He really enjoyed camping. When we went on the train ride, he went with Ken to the back of the train and looked at the tracks as the train was moving along. When we were playing baseball this past month at family home evening, Peter got right in there with everyone else. Jeromy calls Peter his “buddy” but Peter does have a mind of his own. After the train ride everyone was thirsty. Rather than pay $.65 for a small glass of pop on the train, we told everyone we would stop and have soda after. Being the conservative people we are, we stopped at a grocery store in the small town and bought 2 quarts of pop and a 1/2 gallon of ice cream. We went to a small park in the little town where the train was. We had paper cups in the car and Ken made everyone a soda. Some people were able to have two or three sodas. Peter thought that was great!

-Willison Family Newsletter August 1987