Happy Birthday Bro!


Peter will be one on July 8th. He took his first step last Monday. He has the cutest profile. He has a good solid frame. He is one of the more heftier of our children, or from what I can remember anyway. No matter where we go, or for how long we are there, people marvel at the way he behaves. He is very easy going. Never fusses if a stranger picks him up. He merely stiffens up a little til he finds something about the person to investigate, i.e. glasses, beads, earrings. He is beginning to really enjoy stories. He baby talks all the time. He loves to roll and push trucks along. Last week Ken called me to the stairs. Peter was two steps away from the top step. I quickly climbed up behind him to see what he was going to do. He started to correctly back down the stairs, amazing both Ken and I because we were certain no one taught him to do that!! He is very bright, to watch him play with interlocking toys is fascinating.

– Willison Family Newsletter