Peter is such a grown up little man. Sunday seemed to be an easier day for him in the nursery. He is very independent and insists on walking by himself wherever we go. On Sunday April 13th we took the children to a place called Springdale Farm. It is an area park-owned farm with real farm animals on it. That particular Sunday they were having a sheep shearing demonstration and we thought the children would enjoy the ride and stroll around the farm. Amy took a friend and all the children found something of interest. Peter particularly found the pigs and piglets interesting. He also saw some little baby yellow ducks in the barn under a warming light. We then walked down to the duck pond which the older children liked. We then walked by the chicken coop or house and saw some chickens and roosters. For Peter, I think it was the first time he was really able to appreciate some of the animals he had seen in some books. We drove down the road a little farther and came across another museum -an airplane museum that Ken and the older children went through. Peter talks all the time now. In fact, last week one of the children did something or took something from him. I retrieved it for him and he went over to them and chanted “HAHA!!” I couldn’t hardly believe what I was hearing but I could tell by the way he jaunted over and gestured that that was what he meant.

-Willison Family Newsletter April 1986