Whose Was Bigger.

Peter is also asking a lot of questions about Jesus. The other day he asked me for some money so he could put it in the bank for Jesus. Sunday night Amy was in charge of our family home evening with Ken. She put on a skit and Peter had a part. She had costumes and everything. He thought that was great. The other day I happened to be out doing my visiting teaching. I happened upon a little car someone was throwing away. It was just the right size for Peter. I stopped and got it. He loves it!!! When Mark got home, Mark was so cute. He got out Ken’s tape measure and measured the diameter of the wheels and the length of it. Mark has a Dukes of Hazard car. He then compared the size of his with Peter’s. Peter could have cared less, but to Mark he needed to know whose was bigger.

-Willison Family Newsletter May 1987