New Job

Peter is a real chunk. He is master of what he wants to do. He has the cutest little run. The other week he had to miss Primary and was he disappointed. He likes to look at books and listen to stories. He has a new job. Mark felt he was getting too big to pass out the song books at family home evening and so he gave the job to Peter, who takes it very seriously. He loves to sing too.

-Willison Family Newsletter February 1987



Peter loves to play with the other children. Two weeks ago he went out and played in the snow for a little while. He loves puzzles still and amazes us by putting rather difficult ones together. I have been doing exercises during the day. Every time I start to do them, he runs through the house broadcasting to everyone that “Mom’s doing ex-r cizing!!” Then everyone runs in to watch me. He likes to wrestle with the boys. He gets upset if the children leave on the bus and he doesn’t get a chance to wave to them. Then he thinks it is his job to close the front door after they leave.

-Willison Family Newsletter January 1987

Taken Up With Santa



Everyone who sees and knows Peter is still amazed at how well he talks. He was very happy about Christmas because he got a GI Joe doll. I waited until Christmas Eve day to bring up a manger my Father made for each of my brothers and sister and our family. Peter loved it. It consists of an open manger scene which lights in the back. Then it has plastic figures—Mary, baby Jesus, wisemen, animals, etc. He played with that for hours. The conversation was adorable. At my parent’s home on Christmas Eve, we sang Christmas Carols while we waited for Santa to arrive. He was so cute. He sat there singing as loud as the rest. He was really taken up with Santa…

-Willison Family Newsletter December 1986

He Has Now Taken To Dancing



Peter continues to be a happy go lucky little boy. He loves to pick up the phone and carry on  long conversations with the dial tone of the phone. He loves nursery now. He loves the Highlights magazine and will look at the pictures. He is so funny, he has now taken to dancing. When I do exercises he will too. He does a good job at imitating me. Peter is a climber.

– Willison Family Newsletter November 1986

A Very Willing Helper

Peter is really quite a talker and his vocabulary is amazing. He is a very willing helper.He loves the baby and is very concerned whenever she begins to cry. He comes running in and “Mom, feed her”. He loves to go to Primary. He is quite the book worm. Yesterday Ken had his first interview with Peter. It was brief but what amazed him is that weighs a pound more than Emilie and she is 5 inches taller than he is (everytime Ken has his interviews with the children he always weighs and measures them). This will be Peter’s first year Tricks or Treating so it will be interesting.

“I love you, mom”


Peter continues to be Peter Pumpkin Eater. He usually never walks but has the cutest little jaunt. He talks all the time and is Emilie’s side kick. He really watches out for the baby. The other night he ran a temperature of over 104. We asked him how he felt , good or bad. He said he felt bad. Sometimes with Peter he can have a fever and still be running around. He will come up to us and say, “I love you, mom” or “I love you, Amy” or “I love you, Emilie”.

Willison Family Newsletter August 1986

Mr. Independent

When Ken came to the hospital to get me, he brought Peter and Amy with him. As soon as Peter saw the baby, he said, “My baby”. Then he said , “I hold”. All the way home, he kept saying , “My baby”. Since we have been home, he loves to go over to her and give her a gentle kiss on her forehead. He gently goes and gets a receiving blanket and covers her up. He is so cute. He is Mr. independent and enjoys every minute of it. He loves little match box cars and loves to line them up in a row.

– Willison Family Newsletter July 1986

Happy Birthday Bro!



Peter got involved in everything the other children did. His echoing chant was … Bye, Bye, Grandma, I love you!!

Peter is so funny, he loves to play ball. He has the most perfect kick we have ever seen. He is such a little chunk. When we are in a store people will come up and ask me if Emilie and Peter are twins not because they look alike but because they are so close to each other in size. He amazes us with his talking. I happened to be crying at the kitchen table one time this past month, he came up to me and said, “What’s the matter Mom?” I had to laugh, here’s this little boy coming up to me and asking me what’s wrong.

-Willison Family Newsletter June 1986

In terms of balls…

Peter has finally adjusted to the nursery at church.

Peter continues to amaze with his young sport ability in terms of balls. He loves to play ball -particularly soccer as he says. He can kick the ball square on and for some distance too. He has got to be one of the most fun loving -participating youngsters. Whatever the other children are doing, he gets right in and does. He has an enormous vocabulary and can express himself very well. He gives us no problem about going into the nursery now. In fact, he gets so excited to show us the pictures and art work he does each week. Yesterday at the Dentist he picked up a Highlights magazine and started thumbing through it. He then brought it over to me and began showing me a picture he found of a Panda Bear. His favorite phrase is “OH,OH” when things go wrong. There is an ad on TV for a muffler place he has taken to using that phrase when something happens. He says now “OH,OH, better get Mayco!!!” It is so funny to hear him say this…

-Willison Family Newsletter May 1986