Bible School

Peter couldn’t wait to go to bible school. When he got there he changed his mind. The first day, he spent spent the full 3 hours out in the hall sitting by himself. The next day he and Emilie spent the full 3 hours out in the hall sitting. The third day, they realized that wasn’t any fun sitting in the hall and so they went into class and didn’t cry anymore. By the end of the two weeks they couldn’t wait to get there. The first day one of the teachers told me they had spent the time in the hall. She almost seemed to feel maybe they wouldn’t enjoy the rest of the two weeks. I explained to her that they had really been looking forward to coming. My experience with our own church nursery led me to believe that in a few days they would begin to enjoy it -and they did. It was hard leaving them crying but they had each other and by bringing them with me they would miss all the songs, crafts and games. The night of the parents program, Peter and Emilie were up in the front singing as loudly and as sure of themselves as the other boys and girls. Their teachers were two young boys from the church. They must have been about 14. They were excellent with the children. I had never seen such dedication on the part of young people as these young people. The little ones really responded to the young boys.

-Willison Family Newsletter July 1987


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