In terms of balls…

Peter has finally adjusted to the nursery at church.

Peter continues to amaze with his young sport ability in terms of balls. He loves to play ball -particularly soccer as he says. He can kick the ball square on and for some distance too. He has got to be one of the most fun loving -participating youngsters. Whatever the other children are doing, he gets right in and does. He has an enormous vocabulary and can express himself very well. He gives us no problem about going into the nursery now. In fact, he gets so excited to show us the pictures and art work he does each week. Yesterday at the Dentist he picked up a Highlights magazine and started thumbing through it. He then brought it over to me and began showing me a picture he found of a Panda Bear. His favorite phrase is “OH,OH” when things go wrong. There is an ad on TV for a muffler place he has taken to using that phrase when something happens. He says now “OH,OH, better get Mayco!!!” It is so funny to hear him say this…

-Willison Family Newsletter May 1986


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