Let’s Do This!


“Peter is getting to be a big boy now. He smiles and coos. He has started to blow bubbles and try to raise his head a little. He enjoys riding in the car.”

-Willison Family Newsletter

Kristian Is Peter’s second oldest sister. She’s showing her love for Peter by sharing the influence he had and continues to have in her life.

“Seven months later and it still seems unreal that he is gone.

I don’t specifically remember what it was like when my mom was pregnant with Peter but I do remember that each time my mom was pregnant I was excited for my new brother or sister to join our family. My first playmates were family, my first friends were siblings, and I think the people that had the most influence on who I am today are those that I saw every morning and every evening at home. Peter is one of those people.

When he was younger and I needed help with a school project he was excited to help me out. When he was an adult he was still always there to lend a hand when needed whether it was asked for or he just saw the need. Peter was a force, people were just drawn to him. He had such an imagination, it was a treat to watch him make a movie or to listen to an idea he had for an invention. I loved to listen to Peter’s stories, just telling us about a trip to the store or a day on the job, there was bound to be an adventure or weird situation that he’d be excited to share with us. He always had a way with words. Peter would speak his mind, sometimes that meant that he didn’t have a filter. Peter could say something about someone that was shocking and humorous, but true. If he didn’t like someone they probably knew it. If he was your friend you were lucky.

Seven months later and the emptiness is still there.

I am who I am in part because Peter was in my life. I love him. I miss him. Peter should still be here and in my life. I feel like when he left us, part of my future self died with him. He no longer has the same kind of ability to influence in my life. That hole cannot be filled but I will go on. When I am down and facing a trial in life I will try to imagine Peter putting his arm around my shoulders and saying ‘let’s do this.'”


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